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Bench Memorials

sm-bench-memorialsBench Memorials are becoming a popular choice now. Bench memorials are made of at least 2 pieces of granite. Simplest of these bench monuments has a seat and two harp shaped legs supporting it. Having a bench headstone works good in more than one ways. Benches provide a space to sit near the grave and reflect upon the memories. Also the monument provides space for engraving names, dates, artwork and pictures.

Civic Monuments

civic-monumentsCivic Monuments is a broad category that consists of veterans war memorials, memorial parks, permanent structures to signify significant events. Usually civic memorials are erected by Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, Purple heart associations, government agencies, not for profit groups and commercial entities. We will work with you from design to production and installation.

Commercial Signage

SM-SINGAGECommercial Signage and Engraving - We design and install granite signs for your office building, parks, government offices, subdivisions and civic centers. Our staff can assist you with the creation of your granite sign as well as obtaining the proper building permits and providing all of your construction needs.


Headstones and Grave Makers

headstones-grave-markers-1Headstones and Grave Markers are the simplest and least expensive of all memorials. Usually flat markers are rectangle in shape. Unique memorials can be created by choosing special cut designs. Most cemeteries regulate the size, finish, color and sometimes design engraved on the markers. Cemeteries that have exclusive flat marker sections may sometimes require only a flat marker for these designated areas.

Upright Monuments

SM-UPRIGHTUpright Monuments The choice of a monument is perhaps the greatest possible expression of love, honor, and the eternal bonds of family history. For generations to come, your monument will stand gloriously as a fond yet dignified testimony of the lives of those in your family.  With our abundant selections of styles, colors, and materials, you can choose a monument that fittingly expresses the grandeur and respect that surrounds your family name. Because of our numerous customizable options, you can ensure that your memorial is like no other in the cemetery.  Since 1890, our professionally-crafted monuments have been placed in cemeteries across the country.  You'll be proud to have one of ours as your eternal remembrance of your loved one.

Granite Colors

blue-pearlGranite Colors - Browse our selection of high quality granite colors we offer.